Thursday, August 6, 2015

Dada Mail Screencasts!

Dada Mail v8.4.0 was recently released (hurray!) One of the ways I've been experimenting with showing people all the cool features of Dada Mail is by doing screencasts - below are some of the screencasts I've recently put together.

Dada Mail v8 Quick Install Guide: 

This screencast is meant to showcase just how easy it is to install Dada Mail, using the web-based installer. Dada Mail does have a CLI installer, as well - that's the way to go, if you want to automate an install/upgrade, as well as to take advantage of Dada Mail's PSGI/Plack support.

Importing Addresses into Dada Mail: 

Many people using Dada Mail - especially for discussion lists, are moving from a previous system (like Mailman) - this screencast was created to show how easy it is to import an already-created list over.

Magic User Templates

This screencast shows how to change the layout of Dada Mail to match your own website - it using HTML::Tree under the hood, which I wrote about, recently. 

Dada Mail Scheduled Mailings: 

This screencast showcases a few mature features in Dada Mail, including Sending a Webpage (whole or in part), as well as setting up a recurring scheduled mass mailing, that only sends when the source content has changed. Neat stuff.

Give Dada Mail a spin, if you haven't already - it's a long running, and fairly popular Perl web app. I would say one of the most popular Perl-based web app targeted for regular folks (as opposed to Perl hackers)

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