Tuesday, April 8, 2008

First Post. It's about Perl. Perl Perl Perl.


There was a recent flurry of postings in the Perl Community dealing with how Perl isn't very sexy any more and lots of, "oh my God, no one uses Perl anymore" and sky falling down and all that.

They also mentioned that the number of teh blogs dealing with Perl, when compared to other languages was a bit lackluster. Perhaps this is because most of the big-shot Perl programmers you see lurking around on teh Perl mailing lists and are creating the majority of quality CPAN modules are on http://use.perl.org? - I dunno.

Anyways, I thoughts to myself, Self, you're eccentric. You're a sexy little beast.

And you program in Perl.

So here's my hat thrown into the ring for teh Blogs about teh Perl.

The other thing I do - I would say my main passion is Art: drawing and painting. It's not Perl. Perl helps pay the bills I guess.

I'm sort of realizing, as I get older, that playing with Perl and being so SO into art is a rarity, and as a nod to the Paul Graham article, "Hackers and Painters (http://paulgraham.com/hp.html)", I give you the Perl Hacker Painter.

Hacking is probably the best way to describe to you how I program. I barely understand the concepts I play around with. I didn't go to school for this. I am not math-inclined.

But, I've flourished, in my own little way, in writing Perl (mostly).

If you're more traditional in your skill-acquiring, I may say/do/write things that makes no sense. And, that's OK. Because, when I ask for help? I get a lot of answers from people that don't make much sense to me. And then, I just hack about.

I'll probably use this thing (I loathe the word, blog) to write examples of code for whatever, problems I solved with Perl and hopefully, artwork Perl helped me with, since, there's a lot of that in my portfolio

So, if you're zooming around on Techorati or something and you've come across, *gasp* a blog about Perl, well, hello to you too.