Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dada Mail Four Point Zero Point Three Released. Super Duper UTF-8/Unicode Support


What's New

We've been working really really hard to get the UTF-8/Unicode support working well in Dada Mail and this release, we really - no foolin' this time, think we've nailed it.

If you require character set support that's a little more than what's usually found in Latin-based languages, well, this is the release for you. We're going to build localization/internationalization support into Dada Mail, starting with this release. That means, we're going to start translating Dada Mail into multiple languages.

This release also has some pleasant bug-fixes. We couldn't have done it without your feedback.

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Dada Mail Turns Ten in 2010

The Dada Mail Project started ten years ago in December of 1999 as a small curiosity and has gradually evolved and developed into an extremely popular programming and conceptual art project. Happy Birthday, Dada Mail.

Dada Mail Four is our latest release. Thanks for everyone's thoughtful feedback in this year-long development effort.

We couldn't have done it without you.

We're looking forward to receiving your feedback on Dada Mail Four.

Good luck!

Justin J
Lead Dadaist

Dada Mail Change Log for version 4.0.3

Unicode/UTF-8 Work

We have worked very, very hard to get Dada Mail working with UTF-8/Unicode.

We think we did a pretty good job and you'll have a most amazing experience when comparing this version to any previous version of Dada Mail (ever), but there may be tiny things still to work out.

We need to know about them, don't be shy!

SQL table schema changes!

People who upgrade to 4.0.3 (and any version afterwards, until things change!) should note that the MySQL and PostgreSQL Table Schemas have changed!

You may need to update your own tables, to support UTF-8 (if they aren't already in that encoding).

See Also:

If you're upgrading, please read over the updated UTF-8/Unicode FAQ:

If you're doing a new install, there's nothing you need to know, Dada Mail should work well out of the box in re: to UTF-8/Unicode stuff.

Changes to Default List Settings
We've changed a few of the default list settings, hopefully so that everyone has a more pleasant experience, right off the bat:

Activate Black List

We've enabled the setting to active the Black List, by default.

We're also enabling the below settings:

  • Move Unsubscribed Subscribers Automatically to the Black List
  • Continue to Allow Subscriptions From Subscribers of Black Listed Addresses

You still have the option to change new lists to the previous behavior and already created lists will have their previous behavior, if Black List Settings have already been edited.

Print List-Specific Headers option Removed

The option, Print List-Specific Headers has been removed from, Mail Sending -Advanced Sending Preferences has been removed, but the functionality has not. All mailing list messages will have these headers.

Send Unsubscription Confirmation Emails (Closed-Loop Opt-Out) - disabled by default

Send Unsubscription Confirmation Emails (Closed-Loop Opt-Out) has been disabled by default (you can still enable it)

This option, when enabled, requires that when someone wants to unsubscribe, they have to confirm this unsubscription by clicking on the unsubscription confirmation link in a URL sent their subscribed address.

When disabled (the new default), they simply have to fill out the subscribe/unsubscribe form.

Subscription and Unsubscription links now include an Email Address

When available, both the Subscription and Unsubscription links will have the potential subscriber's (or unsubscriber's) email address in the link itself, so that the user does not have to do the two-step of first following the link and then typing in their email address.

These links are created per-subscriber (or potential sub/unsub), when you use the:


tags. Previously, these tags only provided a link to the subscription/unsubscription form, without the email address embedded within the link itself. There is no way to revert this behaviour, but you can still roll your own links, like this:

Subscription Link:


Unsubscription Link:


Unsubscription Links Now Mandatory for Mass Mailing Messages Dada Mail will now do a quick check to make sure that there is a Dada Mail Unsubscription link in your mass mailing messages, before sending them out.

If one is not found, one will be automatically appended to the end of your message.

It will not be very fancy.

We suggest that you make sure that you have a real, valid, Dada Mail unsubscription link in your Mailing List Messages.

Bug Fixes 4.0.3

  • Send newest archived message may have outdated header information

  • pop3 username/password not saved when "Save, Then Test..." button pressed in Sending Preferences

  • Beatitude: Months are listed out of order

  • profile field names can contain more than just ascii letters, numbers and underscores

  • list short names can contain more than just ascii letters, numbers and underscores

  • Beatitude: Scheduled List Not in Any Useable Order?

  • Dada Bridge: Spam Assassin Level Picker isn't available

  • Sending Preferences don't correctly state if you can use Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for POP-before-SMTP

  • Double Subscriptions when using List Invitation

  • Archived messages not templated out in publicly displayed archives

*Link to edit subscriber information broken when using the search

  • Unsubsciption Notice to List Owner doesn't have subscriber (profile) fields

  • Disabled Menu items return server error when using the, "Classic" session type