Sunday, October 5, 2008


I've decided what computer programming is to me at the moment:

It's a hobby. It's a hobby that currently pays my bills, but to call it a job or a company that I have is not what's going on. I know this, because I explicitly attempt not to do what companies attempt to do really really well. One of these things is to try to sell you the product.

The product I make is free, so there goes that baby/bathwater.

I also write a book about the thing.

The book is just a bunch of HTML I create from a simple doc format. It's akin to me selling you plans on how to make your own land mower from the back of Popular Mechanics, or something.

Another thingy that companys are good at, especially in computer-stuff is automation. I do provide services to install the program. But I do it manually. There's no installer. And, that's stupid.

But if this is just a hobby - one that takes a lot of my time, I don't have a job. And art isn't making any money.

This is all going to come to a head, soon enough. But at least it allows me to identify myself as a, "hacker" rather than a software engineer, which I couldn't possibly be.

It also gives me something to put on my artsy résumé: Computer Hacker. That sounds almost hip. Would you like a painter that has a hobby of collecting pogs, or a painter that also has a hobby of hacking computers?

yeah, you're right, pogs win again.

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